Jessica & Andrew – engagement shoot

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

engagement shoots, Wedding Photographer Manchester

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We met Jessica and Andrew at Merial & Jack’s recent wedding in Manchester – they loved our style and decided to book us to cover their wedding next year up in Northumbria.
The couple were well prepared as they came with props and lots of ideas saved on Pinterest. We really think Jessica and Andrew must be one of our most photogenic couples we’ve ever had as we had such a hard time trying to choose the highlights of the shoot for this post.

ja_engagement_shoot1 ja_engagement_shoot2 ja_engagement_shoot3 ja_engagement_shoot4 ja_engagement_shoot5 ja_engagement_shoot6 ja_engagement_shoot7 ja_engagement_shoot8 ja_engagement_shoot9 ja_engagement_shoot10 ja_engagement_shoot11 ja_engagement_shoot12 ja_engagement_shoot13 ja_engagement_shoot14 ja_engagement_shoot15 ja_engagement_shoot16 ja_engagement_shoot17 ja_engagement_shoot18 ja_engagement_shoot19 ja_engagement_shoot20 ja_engagement_shoot21 ja_engagement_shoot22 ja_engagement_shoot23 ja_engagement_shoot24 ja_engagement_shoot25 ja_engagement_shoot26 ja_engagement_shoot27 ja_engagement_shoot28 ja_engagement_shoot29 ja_engagement_shoot30 ja_engagement_shoot31 ja_engagement_shoot32 ja_engagement_shoot33 ja_engagement_shoot34 ja_engagement_shoot35 ja_engagement_shoot36 Engagement shoot done on location around Didsbury and Sale, Manchester. If you’re looking to have an engagement shoot or book a wedding photographer – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!