Tips to getting better wedding photos

Monday, July 30, 2012

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Here are some of my top wedding tips that I've collected over the years - because you only do this once!

Hair and Makeup


The best way to have flawless hair and makeup on your wedding day is to book a professional hair and makeup artist. In the Weeks leading up to the big day there a few things you can do to prepare your skin and give that healthy bride glow...

- Firstly drink lots of water to keep skin clear and hydrated
- Invest in a good exfoliator and use 1-3 times a week. This will help remove any dull or dry patches on the skin.
- Moisturise! Even if skin is oily it can often still be dry in some areas, in which case opt for a gel or lotion rather than a cream.

When it comes to hair, most brides tend to grow their hair for their wedding. Therefore it is important to keep an eye on those split ends and to give your hair a good moisture treatment once a week, or once a fortnight for oily hair, this will help keep hair in good condition.

If you’re worrying about not having enough hair for the style you would like, do not worry! Brides often have added padding or hairpieces to give extra fullness and drama to your chosen style.

And lastly I would definately advise booking a trial. Try to collect images of hair and makeup you like as this will help your stylist/makeup artist to get a feel of the look you would like. Also don’t be afraid to point out anything you are unsure of, hair and makeup is very personal and this will help your stylist/makeup artist to perfect your look!

Hair/makeup tips provided by our very talented friend Jodie, a professional hair and makeup artist.

Wedding Preparations


During the preparations, have your dress, shoes, jewellery and flowers ready for us to shoot individually before getting dressed. These make beautiful photos that are great for setting the mood early on in the album and are often the first appearance of your colour scheme.


Remember to remove the labels from your shoes before the day – this can be a fiddly and time consuming process and especially difficult to do with false nails!


Dress the bride first. If things start to run later than planned then at least if the bride is ready first, then she can relax and it’s not her job to dress the bridesmaids or children. If the bridesmaids aren’t ready before we leave the house we can always capture them individually at the wedding venue before the bride arrives.


Men wear their flowers on their left lapel. Women wear their flowers on their right. Pushing the flower through the button hole which will create an unattractive bulge and most likely fall out later. To attach, pinch the lapel from behind, holding the flower between the material and push a pin through the material and the stem of the flower, starting from the back of the jacket so the pin isn’t visible from the front.

The Ceremony


It might seem obvious to some, but your ushers are there to guide your guests into the wedding venue and sit them in the correct place. Encourage your ushers to push family and guests to the front rows, leaving a row available for parents and bridesmaids. Looking down the isle from the back of the venue, Grooms family sit on the right, Brides family and bridesmaids on the left.

This ensures the venue looks full and we’ll capture the reactions of key guests and family members while you’re exchanging your vows.

What if it rains?


If forecast rain, invest in simple and elegant matching umbrellas. We suggest white umbrellas for the Bride and Groom, and/or choose umbrellas to co-ordinate with your colour scheme.

Don’t unwrap the umbrellas or remove tags until you definitely know it’s going to rain, then you can return them to the store if it did turn out to be a dry day after all.

Shooting groups indoors is always an option if the weather is still too harsh for even the bravest of brides. Churches and wedding venues will always try to accommodate your needs and help clear space for your shots if needed.

Spend time with your new husband on the day


Often couples can feel pressured to spend time with all their guests on the day – take 5 minutes to yourselves and catch your breath. When we write the script/schedule of shots for the day, we always consider extra time for breathing space so you don’t feel rushed nor that the photos are taking forever. It’s your wedding at the end of the day and we don’t want to steal precious moments from you, just capture them.



A wedding isn’t about everything being just perfect; it’s about friends and family celebrating the joining of two people who were meant to be together. Bring this bit of wisdom to your wedding day, and you will truly have an unforgettable event.

And finally, the number one most important thing to do on your day to get the best possible images is to RELAX and ENJOY your day.