James & Janine – Hassop Hall

Friday, January 18, 2013

Wedding Photographer Derbyshire

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During the off-peak season we thought we’d re-visit some older weddings that took place before we built this version of our website… Here’s some of the highlights from one of our favourite weddings from November 2011. James and Janine were such a lovely couple to work with and it was great to see them again recently at Elliot and Claire’s wedding at Syon Park. This wedding took place at St Edmonds Church in Castleton, then over the hill (with time to take in the views) to Hassop Hall for the wedding reception.

jj_hassop_hall1 jj_hassop_hall2 jj_hassop_hall3 jj_hassop_hall4 jj_hassop_hall5 jj_hassop_hall6 jj_hassop_hall7 jj_hassop_hall8 jj_hassop_hall9 jj_hassop_hall10 jj_hassop_hall11 jj_hassop_hall12 jj_hassop_hall13 jj_hassop_hall14 jj_hassop_hall15 jj_hassop_hall16 jj_hassop_hall17 jj_hassop_hall18 jj_hassop_hall19 jj_hassop_hall20 jj_hassop_hall21 jj_hassop_hall22 jj_hassop_hall23 jj_hassop_hall24 jj_hassop_hall25 jj_hassop_hall26 jj_hassop_hall27 jj_hassop_hall28 jj_hassop_hall29 jj_hassop_hall30 jj_hassop_hall31 jj_hassop_hall32 jj_hassop_hall33 jj_hassop_hall34 jj_hassop_hall35 jj_hassop_hall36 jj_hassop_hall37 jj_hassop_hall38 We always try to visit venues with couples prior to the big day so we can check out the best locations and it was definitely worthwhile on this occasion as we found the perfect spot to stop for the best views over Castleton. jj_hassop_hall39 jj_hassop_hall40 jj_hassop_hall41 jj_hassop_hall42 jj_hassop_hall43 jj_hassop_hall44 jj_hassop_hall45 jj_hassop_hall46 jj_hassop_hall47 jj_hassop_hall48 jj_hassop_hall49 jj_hassop_hall50 jj_hassop_hall51 jj_hassop_hall52 jj_hassop_hall53 jj_hassop_hall54 jj_hassop_hall55 jj_hassop_hall56 jj_hassop_hall57 jj_hassop_hall58 jj_hassop_hall59 jj_hassop_hall60 jj_hassop_hall61 jj_hassop_hall62 jj_hassop_hall63 jj_hassop_hall64 jj_hassop_hall65 jj_hassop_hall66 jj_hassop_hall67 jj_hassop_hall68 jj_hassop_hall69 jj_hassop_hall70 jj_hassop_hall71 jj_hassop_hall72 jj_hassop_hall73 jj_hassop_hall74 jj_hassop_hall75 jj_hassop_hall76